Learning Environment Design Workshop

About the Course

Let our Learning Environment Design workshop transform the way your team designs any learning experience.

During this live workshop, we facilitate an experience that guides teams through thinking about learning experiences in innovative ways.

Participants use visual learning design methods to support collaboration and to encourage creative ideas to emerge and grow.

Topics covered include:

  • Using the Learning Environment Modeling Language™ for designing courses and programs
  • Creating models and design patterns with LEM™
  • Applying LEM™ to common learning design needs
  • How to implement LEM™ within current courses
  • Use LEM™ to lead innovation

1 Day

Interactive On-Site Facilitation

10 Participants

Include up to 10 People in the Workshop


+ Logistics

Why Take This Course

Topics covered include:

  • The Learning Environment Modeling Language™
  • LEM™ Models and Design Patterns
  • LEM™ for Common Course Design Needs
  • How to Implement LEM™
  • LEM™ for Curriculum Innovation

Benefits of This Course

  • Gain Efficiency: Save time and reduce uncertainty during design and planning processes
  • Tailored Content: Get personalized insights and ideas from design experts
  • Useful Tools: Learn to use powerful and proven tools for creating exceptional learning experiences
  • Enhanced Communication: Use a common language for communicating your ideas accurately and efficiently
  • Build Confidence: Come away knowing that the learning programs you design help people succeed