Visual Analytics Suite

Discover breakthrough insights about your organization’s learning and innovation capacity.


Our visual analytics suite helps you create learning experiences that make a difference.


Transforming from a training or instruction focused environment to one that values learning is a change that many organizations struggle to navigate. Our visual analytics suite provides the right combination of insights and action that help promote positive change and innovation.

Visual Analytics Tools

learning environment innovation inventory

The Learning Strategy Profile is used to help teams and organizations better understand their capacity for innovation specifically related to creating and adopting new ways of learning.

The inventory includes an online assessment used to measure capacity for learning and innovation within a team or organization.

The Learning Strategy Profile helps to manage the innovation process by measuring the mindset, values, and activities for learning and innovation. It also provides insights into how new approaches to learning move through an innovation lifecycle. The inventory can be administered to teams or across entire organizations.

learning horizon profile

The Learning Project Scan is used to help individuals, teams and organizations select optimal learning design plans and strategies.

The inventory uses an online assessment that measures key factors influencing the design of learning experiences.

The Learning Project Scan helps leaders, designers, and educators select the optimal learning strategies to achieve desired goals. We use supervised machine learning techniques and finely tuned algorithms to analyze your project needs and recommend design plans. The visual display of the profile results allow insights to be easily and effectively implemented. The profile can be administered to individuals, teams or across entire organizations.