The Innovation of Learning

The Innovation of Learning

by Bucky Dodd, Ph.D.

Learning is something we do every day, but do we ever think about how we learn? Do we think about how technology or professional and economic drivers are defining new ways of learning?

Learning is a personal process, but it has broad organizational and societal implications. It frames the way we think about new ideas. It is foundational to change, innovation, and performance. When an organization succeeds, it is likely because learning was an intentional consideration. When organizations fail, learning is often not valued or fostered.

This book offers a fresh perspective for designing experiences that help people learn, work, and live.

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What You’ll Learn in This eBook

The Innovation of Learning

  • Discover the dynamics of learning innovation
  • Learn how to facilitate change in your learning environments
  • Understand the science of modeling innovative learning environments
  • Interpret innovation drivers and how they can accelerate the design process


About the Author – Bucky Dodd

Bucky Dodd, Ph.D. is the Chief Learning Innovation Officer and Director of the Institute for Learning Environment Design at the University of Central Oklahoma. Dr. Dodd is an innovator, master teacher, and visionary of the future of education. He holds a Ph.D. in Education from Oklahoma State University and graduate and undergraduate degrees in Adult Education and Corporate Communications, maintaining an active research and development agenda in these areas. As a prolific writer, teacher, and speaker on the future of education, his research focuses on visualization, innovation, and the design of learning environments. Dr. Dodd is the creator of Learning Environment Modeling™, an award-winning visualization system for the design and evaluation of learning experiences, and has been recognized internationally for his research and design expertise. He has a proven record of leading innovation initiatives in corporate, government, and education organizations and is consistently sought out as a thought leader on the future of learning.  


Dr. Dodd serves as chair of the State of Oklahoma’s Council for Online Learning Excellence. He is an alumni of the Online Learning Consortium Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning and EDUCAUSE Breakthrough Model Academy. Among the numerous recognitions he has been honored to receive are an Online Learning Consortium Effective Practice Award, a program for which he currently serves as a reviewer, and the 2017 Bruce N. Chaloux Scholarship for Early Career Excellence. Dr. Dodd has also been acknowledged by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education Cooperative for Education Technologies as the 2017 Sally M. Johnstone awardee, given to professionals who have made an outsized contribution to the technology-enhanced teaching and learning community. Recognition for accomplishments in business leadership include selection as a recipient of the Edmond Sun Business Times 2017 20 under 40 award. Dr. Dodd has also been instrumental in leading teams to achieve numerous organizational recognitions, including a 2015 Brightspace Excellence Award, the 2016 Journal Record Innovator of the Year Award, a 2017 United States Distance Learning Association 21st Century Award for Best Practices in Distance Learning, and a 2017 United States Distance Learning Association award for Innovation.  


Bucky’s methods can be successfully implemented. It’s a mindset, not a technology. You could use the fancy techie stuff, but the exciting aspects of Bucky’s methods are their simplicity and their power.

Ken Parker

Co-Founder and CEO, NextThought, Inc.

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