Solution Design Sessions

Your custom solution for creating world-class learning experiences


What is a Solution Design Session?

You’re Special.

That’s why we create custom solutions just for you. – Select a single solution design session or invest in ongoing transformation.

ILED’s Solution Design Sessions give you a customized approach to creating world-class learning experiences for your association.

An ILED designer will facilitate customized strategy sessions using state-of-the-art collaboration tools. The powerful combination of expert facilitation and specialized design tools will bring out the best in your ideas and help your team achieve transformative results.

During your solution design sessions, we’ll facilitate one-of-kind collaborative strategy and design processes using our proprietary tools. We help you generate creative ideas and focus plans for action. After the session, you’ll get a digital portfolio that organizes your ideas and strategy and gives you a clear action plan. You’ll also get access to our planning platform to help you track progress and move ideas to action.

Solution Design Sessions are used to re-imagine and transform learning experiences.
Here are a few examples where we can help you level up your association’s learning strategy.

What can Solution Design Sessions be used for?

  • Explore creative and innovative ideas for new learning offerings.
  • Create a winning strategy and design plan for learning offerings.
  • Transform existing in-person courses and programs into online and blended learning experiences.
  • Reinvent underperforming learning offerings.
  • Design in-demand professional credentials and badges.
  • Supercharge member engagement strategies.
  • Create competitive courses and programs that people want.



How it works?


Step 1

Discover Your Design Journey

Schedule a free planning call to explore your goals and schedule your solution design sessions.


Step 2

Design Your Future

We’ll facilitate custom learning strategy and design sessions with your team. After the session, you will receive a portfolio that contains the session artifacts, expert insights, and recommendations created during the sessions. This portfolio is your roadmap for action and results.


Step 3

Activate Your Solution

Next, our team is here to help you move your plan to action. You’ll get access to an innovation platform to help plan action steps and coordinate progress with your team and collaborators.

Design Journeys

Select the Design Journey that’s right for you.


Perfect for generating ideas and getting organized for new projects and initiatives.

  • One-hour facilitated solution design session 
  • Portfolio with design session artifacts 
  • Action steps checklist 

Perfect for getting started strong and growing projects and initiatives.

  • Six, One-hour facilitated solution design sessions 
  • Dynamic portfolio with design session artifacts and ongoing designer insights and recommendations 
  • Team access to planning platform with design session action steps and updates 

Perfect for achieving sustainable transformation and results. 

  • Twelve, One-hour facilitated solution design sessions 
  • Dynamic portfolio with design session artifacts and ongoing designer insights and recommendations 
  • Team access to innovation platform with design session action steps and updates 



What Makes Us Different

We understand there are many options you can choose from when selecting consultant services.
This is what makes us unique in the consulting field:

We are not a traditional consulting firm. We are a public university whose sole focus is to create transformational and innovative education programming.

Our consultants are uniquely qualified to leverage our proprietary visual planning and design technique, Learning Environment Modeling™. This distinct skill is supported with their years of first-hand experience with designing learning environments, developing curriculum, teaching via diverse modalities, and leading in education contexts.

Many consultants offer “blueprints” for learning design. The blueprints that we’ll create for you are like no other because they are constructed using our one-of-a-kind Learning Environment Modeling Language™. This language allows for dynamic content mapping, enhances communication, increases engagement, and promotes faster project implementation.

We provide turnkey services ready for immediate implementation.

We bring stakeholders together through our unique visualization and assessment tools powered by LEM™ for communicating, developing, and fulfilling your vision for learning.

Our results will increase your value with stakeholders as LEM™ for planning helps you optimize results and minimize risk while saving time and money.

What change would effective education create in your organization?

You have the passion and talent. All you need are a plan and support. If you’re ready to create the impact you imagined, schedule a complimentary consultation today.


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