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Create in-demand micro-credentials that help people showcase their capabilities

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Education is changing…

No longer is having a degree or certificate enough to set yourself apart in this dynamic and competitive economy.

Micro-credentials provide people new opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities in ways that create a more complete picture of their professional capabilities. This helps professionals more successfully compete for opportunities and organizations better prepare and develop talent.

At the Institute for Learning Environment Design, we specialize in creating world-class learning experiences.



We help organizations of any size design custom, evidence-based micro-credentials that align to in-demand job capabilities – all backed the reputation and expertise of a leading metropolitan university.




Here’s how it works…


Step 1


Co-Design Micro-Credential with Education and Industry Experts

Our design experts facilitate the development of a capabilities model that incorporates knowledge, skills, and abilities in a unified micro-credential framework. We also design the ideal market position of the micro-credential to help people set themselves apart in competitive professional contexts.



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Step 2


Validate Micro-Credential Using Education and Workforce Data

We validate the micro-credential using the most current and predictive workforce data. This process helps ensure the micro-credential communicates valuable and an in-demand needs in the intended professional marketplace.




Step 3


Verify Learning Achievement and Evidence

Once the micro-credential is designed and validated, the organization offering the micro-credential verifies the achievement and evidence of learning. This process ensures the person earning the micro-credential can demonstrate evidence of achieving the verified knowledge, skills, and abilities.




Step 4


Issue Digital Micro-Credential

Once the evidence of learning is verified against the established micro-credential requirements, the digital micro-credential is issued using verifiable and portable standards. This allows people to collect, stack, display, and present their achievements in the most relevant and competitive ways possible.

Micro-credentials are transforming the way people communicate their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

We specialize in partnering with organizations to create custom, in-demand micro-credentials that people need.


Schedule A Time to Discuss Your Project

Need Help with Designing Micro-Credential Curriculum?

Organizations often offer micro-credentials as part of curriculum or program offerings. We can help your organization create a learning strategy and curriculum that supports your micro-credential offerings.

We start by understanding your needs and opportunities and then facilitate the design of world-class learning experiences that support delivery of your micro-credentials.


What Makes Us Different

We understand there are many options you can choose from when selecting consultant services.


This is what makes us unique in the consulting field:

We are not a traditional consulting firm. We are a public university whose sole focus is to create transformational and innovative education programming.

Our consultants are uniquely qualified to leverage our proprietary visual planning and design technique, Learning Environment Modeling™. This distinct skill is supported with their years of first-hand experience with designing learning environments, developing curriculum, teaching via diverse modalities, and leading in education contexts.

Many consultants offer “blueprints” for learning design. The blueprints that we’ll create for you are like no other because they are constructed using our one-of-a-kind Learning Environment Modeling Language™. This language allows for dynamic content mapping, enhances communication, increases engagement, and promotes faster project implementation.

We provide turnkey services ready for immediate implementation.

We bring stakeholders together through our unique visualization and assessment tools powered by LEM™ for communicating, developing, and fulfilling your vision for learning.

Our results will increase your value with stakeholders as LEM™ for planning helps you optimize results and minimize risk while saving time and money.

What change would effective education create in your organization?

You have the passion and talent. All you need are a plan and support. If you’re ready to create the impact you imagined, schedule a complimentary consultation today.


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