Learning Environment Modeling™ Language

About the Course

Many leaders realize the traditional ways of planning and designing learning experiences no longer work.

Unfortunately, learners are the ones being left behind. They are spending more time and money for experiences that don’t serve them well because they don’t prepare them for their current needs.

When leaders use our solutions, they save time, maximize quality, increase engagement and get great results.

This self-paced course is designed to teach the Learning Environment Modeling™ Language visual planning and communication system that utilizes: building blocks, learning contexts, actions, and notations. These elements can be configured to represent any learning experience.


Online Self-Paced Format



Easy-to-Learn Lessons


Per Person

Why Take This Course

The Learning Environment Modeling Language course is our introductory course to one of the most popular tools used by the Institute for Learning Environment Design: Learning Environment Modeling Language, or LEML.

This course will teach you the language, including all of its elements, as well as how to build learning environment models using LEML.

The Learning Environment Modeling Language makes designing any type of learning experience fast, fun, and easy.

Benefits of This Course

  • Visual language for making course design and communication faster and more effective
  • Easy-to-learn lessons
  • Videos and visual examples
  • Compatible with any learning design method
  • Learn on-the-go with the self-paced format
  • Apply what you learn right away