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Creating Micro-Learning Experiences


Just-in-time learning can be a transformative tool for educators to incorporate in the classes they teach. Micro-learning experiences provide just the right amount of learning resources at the moment of need to help learners accomplish a task. Micro-learning supports “on-the-go” learning experiences and can be used to enhance traditional courses and program learning experiences you’re already delivering. In this session, participants will explore strategies for creating micro-learning experiences and discover successful design principles and approaches for creating micro-learning opportunities.


July 29, 10am

Designing Blended Learning Environments

As our world is changing in unpredictable ways, flexibility and resourcefulness are skills that have never been more important for educators. This session explores approaches to designing blended learning environments that combine in-person and digital learning experiences together in intentional ways. Participants will learn strategies for “making place matter” when designing blended learning experiences and exploring opportunities for re-imagining how learner interact with both in-person and digital learning spaces.


Aug 5, 10am

Successful Assessment Strategies

How do we know students are learning? What does the data mean? How can I use the date to improve learning experiences and outcomes? These are just a few questions educators encounter when managing course and program assessment processes. Assessment can be one of the more complex and frustrating activities that educators encounter. This session equips participants will a tool to re-imagine and optimize assessment strategies for courses and programs. Participants will learn to use the ILED Assessment Strategy Canvas to plan, select, and refine assessment strategies based on learning and assessment goals and risks.


Aug 14, 2pm

Three Creative Strategies for Increasing Learner Engagement That You Can Use Today

“Learner engagement” is a big deal. This session changes that. In this session, participants will discover what it means to create truly engaging learning experiences using a simple three-phase model. Participants will learn to use the ILED Engagement Canvas to generate excitement for learning experiences, connect learners to meaningful learning experiences, and grow and enhance the long-term value of learning experiences. After the session, participant will have a roadmap for engaging learners in new and creative ways.


Aug 19, 10am

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Aligning Learning Experiences for Results

Aligning course instruction and outcomes is a hallmark requirement of effective learning experiences. In this session, participants will learn to use the ILED Focus Board to plan learning experiences and align outcomes with content and instructional strategies. This tool gives you a clear course roadmap and helps to simplify the course planning process. It saves you time and helps to ensure learning experiences deliver on pre-established objectives and goals. Participants will gain hands-on experience with the Focus Board and be able to use the tool for planning learning experiences right away.


Aug 24, 2pm

Creating Learner-Centered Experiences

Exceptional learning experiences start with understanding the needs and goals of learners. During this session, participants will learn how to create learner personas using the ILED Learner Snapshot Canvas. This tool helps educators design courses and programs that meet the needs of learners. Participants will learn techniques for using learner personas to make course and program design decisions that place the needs of learners at the center of the design process.


Sept 1, 2pm

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