Learning Architect System for Course Innovation

About the Course

Leading innovation in education can be hard. The Learning Architect System for Course Innovation in curriculum planning and leadership equips you to create courses that make a difference.

People who use our system save time, maximize quality, and get great results.

This system includes a program design workbook, Learning Designer’s Guide to LEM eBook, 30+ interactive video tutorials, Learning Environment Modeling™ kit, 6 Learning Environment Modeling design tools, and 24+ Learning Environment Modeling™ blueprints for course innovation.


Online Self-Paced Format


Learning Resources and Tools


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Why Take This Course

The Learning Architect System for Course Innovation is the most advanced and effective way to design and innovate academic and professional training courses.

This system gives you a proven set of tools and techniques for successfully innovating courses in academic and workplace settings.

Benefits of This Course

  • Easy-to-use visual resources for innovating courses
  • Video tutorials and examples
  • Design pattern templates that save you time
  • LEML Kit for creating digital blueprints
  • On-the-go access to materials
  • Leverage to enhance any learning design method