Download the Learning Environment Modeling™ Kit

Download the Learning Environment Modeling™ Kit for

How to use the kit

Step 1.

Download and extract the LEM Kit .zip file for

XML file shown

Step 2.


Step 3.

Select how you want to save your learning environment model.

Select device type for save

Step 4.

Select if you are creating a new diagram or existing diagram.

new or existing diagram

Step 5.

Create a Blank Diagram

image of new diagram

Step 6.

Drag LEM Kit DrawIO xml file to Scratchpad in

Draw element to scratchpad

Step 7.

Drag symbols from Scratchpad to begin creating your model

Draw element to scratchpad

About Learning Environment Modeling

Learning Environment Modeling (LEM) is a visual planning system that makes designing learning experiences like courses and education programs simple and effective. Using a simple set of symbols, you can create and communicate ideas for designing any learning experience quickly and accurately.

This visual approach makes designing learning experiences fast, fun, and easy.

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