Customer Engagement

powered by LEM™

Engage Your Customers Like Never Before

Marketing plans, websites, sales campaigns, presentations, and customer service processes are just a few of the many activities that are needed to grow your business and engage with your customers in a positive way.

The mark of any successful business is how it engages with its customers.

Without a plan to manage this, customers can easily become dissatisfied and take their business elsewhere.

Discover how our Customer Engagement program can help your business grow.

1 Day

Interactive On-Site Facilitation

10 Participants

Include up to 10 People in the Workshop


+ Logistics


What makes the Customer Engagement Workshop so special?

We give your team an innovative way of planning customer engagement strategies using a method called LEM™.

LEM™ stands for Learning Environment Modeling™ and is a proven, visual approach for creating customer engagement strategies. We use the power of learning science, visualization, and design to help customers engage so your business grows.

Using a suite of visual tools, you will learn to create customer engagement strategies that support your business goals and get results.

No more wondering why customers aren’t buying.

You’ll have a blueprint for engaging customers, getting results, and growing your business like never before.


We follow a proven process to create your customer engagement blueprint during the workshop.


  • Assess Current Activities – We begin by modeling your current customer engagement activities. This helps develop a deep understanding of your business’ current strengths and areas for growth.
  • Develop a Vision – Next, we use visual tools to help create a vision and strategy for customer engagement activities. This aligns your customer engagement activities to business results.
  • Create Blueprint – With your vision in hand, we work together to design a customer engagement blueprint. This visual blueprint is used to guide all your business’ customer engagement activities and investments.
  • Implement the Blueprint – The completed blueprint is used to guide the implementation and delivery of all your business’ customer engagement activities. The visual blueprint is a tool for leading action and measuring results.