Strategy and Visioning 

Our consultants have years of experience designing and managing innovative learning courses and programs.

Collectively, we have expertise in strategic and design thinking, training and development, educational design, curriculum development, program management, and information technology.

Our experience and expertise allow us to help organizations of all sizes in academic, corporate, non-profit, and government sectors in the following ways:


  • Determine short- and long-range learning goals
  • Identify design and implementation strategies at course and program levels
  • Select the learning delivery modality that will meet your organizational needs, whether it is classroom, blended, microlearning and micro-credentialing, or fully online offerings.
  • Identify potential roadblocks and provide strategies to eliminate or greatly reduce their impact.


Many factors influence the success or failure of learning programs. There are design, development, and delivery factors, but we must also consider often overlooked elements that can greatly impact the success of a design. Working with your team, we will assess your organization in the areas of:

  • Readiness: Is your organization ready for learning innovation?
  • Barriers and Drivers: Are there barriers to innovation success such as organizational mindset and values that need to be addressed?
  • Learner Needs: Do you know what your learners need to achieve their learning goals? Have you conducted empathy research to identify what motivates them to learn?
  • Communication: Would you consider your learning design team members to be effective communicators and collaborators? Do they have the tools necessary to perform their responsibilities successfully?

Using our proprietary visual design tools and techniques, our team can promote the success of your learning initiatives by helping your organization uncover and overcome these obstacles.

Learning Technology

We see it all the time.

Organizations let their learning technologies determine their learning strategies. This practice results in learning programs that fall short due to unforeseen limitations of the selected technology.

That is why our consultants work with our clients to develop their learning program vision and strategies before selecting their learning technologies.

Once the learning vision and strategy are in place, we provide insight into the process for identifying and selecting learning technologies, whether a learning management system or specific content authoring tools, that will meet the long-range learning needs of your organization. In essence, we can help you avoid the mistake of letting learning technology drive your learning strategies.

    Development and Support

    Once we have helped clients determine their learning design strategies and made any requested recommendations on learning technologies, the next steps are to develop and launch the design. We can help you meet these needs directly through iLED or through one of our strategic development partners, depending on the scope of the project.

    We can also meet the needs of our clients through retainer services through which we provide ongoing consulting throughout the development and launch of your project. This service is particularly useful to organizations that do in-house development or use a third-party developer.

    What Makes Us Different


    We understand there are many options you can choose from when selecting consultant services. This is what makes us unique in the consulting field:


    • We are not a traditional consulting firm. We are a public university whose sole focus is to create transformational and innovative education programming.
    • Our consultants are uniquely qualified to leverage our proprietary visual planning and design technique, Learning Environment Modeling™. This distinct skill is supported with their years of first-hand experience with designing learning environments, developing curriculum, teaching via diverse modalities, and leading in education contexts.
    • Many consultants offer “blueprints” for learning design. The blueprints that we’ll create for you are like no other because they are constructed using our one-of-a-kind Learning Environment Modeling Language™. This language allows for dynamic content mapping, enhances communication, increases engagement, and promotes faster project implementation.
    • We provide turnkey services ready for immediate implementation.
    • We bring stakeholders together through our unique visualization and assessment tools powered by LEM™ for communicating, developing, and fulfilling your vision for learning.
    • Our results will increase your value with stakeholders as LEM™ for planning helps you optimize results and minimize risk while saving time and money.

    Who We Work With


    We have extensive experience working with organizations of all types, including education, business, non-profit, professional, and government agencies.