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ILED books provide an introduction to LEM™, consider the steps of the LEDi process, and explore the many facets of innovating learning.

The Innovation of Learning 

Learning is something we do every day, but do we ever think about how we learn? Do we think about how technology or professional and economic drivers are defining new ways of learning?

Learning is a personal process, but it has broad organizational and societal implications. It frames the way we think about new ideas. It is foundational to change, innovation, and performance. When an organization succeeds, it is likely because learning was an intentional consideration. When organizations fail, learning is often not valued or fostered.

This book offers a fresh perspective for designing experiences that help people learn, work, and live.


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The Learning Designer’s Guide to LEM™ serves as a quick guide to getting started with Learning Environment Modeling™ for those who are new to the process. It considers how to use LEM™ for improving understanding, decision-making, and communication in the learning environment design planning process.


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Learning Environment Modeling™: Redefining Learning Environment Design expands on LEM™ basics to take a closer look at how educators can implement this visual design technique to enhance their understanding of the learning environments they create and leverage LEM™ in practical ways to transform the course design experience and the learning experience. It reviews the basics of Learning Environment Modeling™ so it can also be used by those new to LEM™. 


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