Leading innovation in education can be hard.

We offer a curriculum planning and leadership system that equips you to make a difference.

People who have used our system save time, maximize quality, and get great results.

You want to change the world. We’ll equip you to do it.

The Learning Architect System is the most advanced and effective way to lead innovation in education.

This system gives you a proven set of tools and techniques that match to your specific needs: from course innovation to program transformation, and everything in-between.

“LEM is simple and ingenious. It can truly transform faculty course design skills in an experiential way. Faculty learn best practices in design by engaging with this easy-to-use and inspiring method. LEM has helped our faculty and instructional designers at all career levels in creating better learning experiences for our students.”

Karen Rege, Ed.D.

Director for eLearning and Instructional Resources, Harford Community College

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Whether you are designing courses, creating new programs, or leading large organizational change initiatives, we equip you with the right tools that save time, improve results, and help your organization grow.

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