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Use Visuals to Design Successful Learning Experiences.

About the Learning Design Studio

The Learning Design Studio equips you with the tools needed to facilitate visual learning design with any individual, group, or organization.

As part of your Learning Design Studio license, you get access to easy-to-use visual learning design tools, high quality video tutorials, ebooks, templates, and facilitator resources that will save you time and help your clients succeed.

Your license gives you access to use premium visual learning design materials with your team and clients. In addition, you also get access to online support forums to ask questions and get answers from visual learning design experts.

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What makes this resource so unique?

This Learning Design Studio provides you the tools needed to use Learning Environment Modeling (LEM), an innovative visualization and design system.

Learning Environment Modeling (LEM) is a visual planning system that makes designing learning experiences like courses and education programs simple and effective. Using a simple set of symbols, you can create and communicate ideas for designing any learning experience quickly and accurately.

This visual approach makes designing learning experiences fast, fun, and easy.

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Designed with You in Mind

The Learning Design Studio is created with you in mind.

This means you get complete access to the premium visual learning design system to use.

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