A Private Workshop that helps you design or transform any learning experience.







Discover a new way to design learning experiences.

About the Private Workshop

The Private Workshop is a truly engaging experience designed to help teams and organizations envision innovative learning solutions.

During the workshop, we facilitate an experience that guides teams through thinking about learning experiences in innovative ways. Participants use visual learning design methods to support collaboration and to encourage creative ideas to emerge and grow.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Empathize with the needs of learners.
  • Create a deep understanding of learning experiences.
  • Envision innovative learning strategies and models.
  • Create prototypes for growing innovative solutions.
Workshop in Session

What makes this program so unique?

In the Private Workshop, you’ll use an innovative visualization and design system called Learning Environment Modeling.

Learning Environment Modeling (LEM) is a visual planning system that makes designing learning experiences like courses and education programs simple and effective. Using a simple set of symbols, you can create and communicate ideas for designing any learning experience quickly and accurately.

This visual approach makes designing learning experiences fast, fun, and easy.

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Designed for Solutions

The Private Workshop is designed to help teams and organizations envision innovative learning experiences.

This means we facilitate and lead the design experience to help you achieve your goals.

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Design Worksheet

5 Ways You Benefit From This Workshop

  1. Save time and reduce uncertainty during design and planning processes
  2. Get personalized insights and ideas from design experts
  3. Learn to use powerful and proven tools for creating exceptional learning experiences
  4. Use a common language for communicating your ideas accurately and efficiently
  5. Build confidence that the learning programs you design help people succeed


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