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The Institute for Learning Environment Design, or ILED, at the University of Central Oklahoma is a university “think tank” focused on creating and developing innovative ways of helping people learn. ILED offers tools, training, and consulting that help all areas of education including K12, business, government, and higher education, save time, improve quality, and encourage innovation. Empowering the core of ILED offerings is a visual curriculum planning and leadership system called Learning Environment Modeling™. This system equips leaders with an effective, efficient, and affordable way of advancing innovation in education.


Whether you seeking designing a new course or workshop or looking to transform the learning experiences throughout your organization, our transformative consulting can help you. At ILED, we provide consulting services that supporting alignment, unified visioning, and learning effectiveness.


Our team will work with you to provide custom consulting services to meet the needs of your organization.

“LEM is simple and ingenious. It can truly transform faculty course design skills in an experiential way. Faculty learn best practices in design by engaging with this easy-to-use and inspiring method. LEM has helped our faculty and instructional designers at all career levels in creating better learning experiences for our students.”

Karen Rege, Ed.D.

Director for eLearning and Instructional Resources, Harford Community College


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