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The Success of Any Learning Experience.

About Cloud Academy

As an educator or business leader, you’ve probably experienced frustrating moments where a plan you had for a course or project didn’t go as intended.

You had a vision, but translating that vision into action can be challenging or often ineffective.

Before now, we’ve lacked a simple tool for designing successful experiences that help people learn and apply their skills.

Through participating in the ILED Cloud Academy, you will learn to use Learning Environment Modeling, a simple and easy-to-use visual planning and design system for envisioning, creating, and implementing successful learning experiences.

Through this interactive virtual workshop, you will learn to visualize ideas in a shared language that allows you to enhance your understanding of learning experiences, make smart design decisions, and collaborate effectively with others.

Live Adobe Connect Session
Working on a LEM design

What makes this program so unique?

In the ILED Cloud Academy, you’ll learn to use an innovative visualization and design system called Learning Environment Modeling.

Learning Environment Modeling (LEM) is a visual planning system that makes designing learning experiences like courses and education programs simple and effective. Using a simple set of symbols, you can create and communicate ideas for designing any learning experience quickly and accurately.

This visual approach makes designing learning experiences fast, fun, and easy.

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Designed with Teams in Mind

The Cloud Academy is designed with teams in mind.

This means we select a day and times that fit best with your team’s schedule.

Need a special program designed for your team? Let’s Talk.

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What should I expect?

The ILED Cloud Academy is a live, virtual blended learning workshop experience.

First, you will access engaging online learning materials prior to the start of two live virtual workshop sessions.

Next, you will connect for Live Session 1. This session presents an introduction to Learning Environment Modeling and equips you with basic design concepts and skills.

You will then practice using your new skills on a sample design exercise.

Finally, we will reconvene for Live Session 2 to share your practice exercise and continue learning techniques for applying what you have learned.

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