Creating successful learning experiences can be complicated.

We have solutions that make it simple.

Get Focused

Discover how to create the most effective and clear vision for learning expeirences.

Save Time

Be more efficient and effective when planning learning expeirences.

Maximize Learning

Spend your energy on what matters most – helping learners succeed.

Discover the easy and effective way to help people learn.

The Institute for Learning Environment Design (ILED) is your partner for creating the most effective learning experiences.

Let’s face it. Creating successful education and training experiences can be time consuming, expensive, and often frustrating.

Why is this? We have lacked easy and effective tools that simplify the planning process.

ILED has solved this problem and created efficient, simple, and effective solutions for designing education and training experiences.

How can we help? Whether you lead an entire organization, team, or projects, we equip you with the right solution to accomplish your goals.

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