Visualizing the Future of Education

Visual languages for creating and sharing ideas.

Great Communication Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

We’ve all experienced challenges when communicating our ideas. 

At the Institute for Learning Environment Design, we create visual languages that help people communicate effectively with others.

Learning Environment Modeling

The Communication Solution for Educators and Trainers

Learning Environment Modeling (LEM) helps educators and trainers communicate visually. LEM can be used to help design programs, courses, lessons, workshops, or any other learning experience.

LEM helps educators and trainers communicate more effectively with others, save time, remove frustration, and create highly successful learning experiences.

What can you do with Learning Environment Modeling?

  • Create Highly Effective Learning Programs

  • Connect With the True Needs of Learners

  • Develop a Learning Vision that People Connect With

  • Create Engaging Learning Activities

  • Design Successful Courses

  • Optimize Learner Success

  • Align Curriculum to Outcomes and Results

  • Maximize Return on Investment

  • Equip People to Solve Complex Problems

  • Prepare Teams to Collaborate Effectively

  • Use Learning Technologies Strategically

  • Evaluate the Results of Learning Programs

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